Nathan — Founder of Clan Archive, was looking for an animated intro to compliment their clan's new rebrand.
We were aiming for a glitchy & futuristic look along with a sharp flow.
Project scope :
▪ Animated Intro
First off, I storyboarded the different scenes the client and I were thinking of leaning towards.
Anticipation Scene
Anticipation Scene
Final Scene
Final Scene
Thinking Process
First Scene
The first scene's main goal was to excite the viewer and prepare them for the second scene. We wanted the environment to feel aggressive and unstable.

Introductory Scene

Second Scene
Accompanied by some complimenting elements fitting their brand, the slower-paced movement and anticipation brought by this animation show the impact that their clan can have.

Anticipation Scene

Third Scene
This third scene is the crowning achievement. It is bold, snappy, and filled with secondary animation, once again complimenting Clan Archive's brand. This scene was made to make their brand as memorable as can be.

Final Scene

Complementary shots
Thank you for watching! Check out more of my work below.

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