Patrick Strack, Video Producer for NIP Gaming, wanted me to give a fresh new look to their Video & Livestream production assets.
Ninjas in Pyjamas is an esports organization based in Sweden. Simon Björck, their talented in-house Graphic Designer, provided me with graphics and scene sketches.
Project Scope:
- NIP Logo Animation.
- NIP Intros (Announcement, Backstage).
NIP Logo Animation
NIP Logo Animation
Transitioning to esports and media production – their brand must carry that transformation into the future.
Here is a collection of Intros & Lower Thirds I made for their mainstream & themed content.

General Intro

NIP Backstage

Casual Formats

More about the results.
Jan. 25th, 2021, The Rebrand. Watch video here
“The first day was rough” she admits, but says that as time passed and the logo was displayed in more contexts — on jerseys, in actual games — she started to receive more positive feedback from fans. While other organizations may have struggled with the initial blowback, Bonnell doesn’t think that will happen with NIP.
“First they’ll be ridiculed,” she says, “then they’ll be revered.”
My work with Ninjas in Pyjamas is actively giving context about this rebrand's new goals. Knowing how the esports industry reacts to rebrands, this one is definitely in the green.
Thank you for watching! Check out more of my work below.

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