About Me

Who am I?
My name is Nicolas Dorey, I'm a 17-year-old freelance motion designer. I have experience working with content-creators inside the Esports and gaming industry. 
Past clients include but are not limited to: Ninjas In Pyjamas, VBI, Point Zero, G2 Esports, ...
What I do, and a little more about me.
I specialize in 2D/3D motion graphics & visual effects and mainly focus on giving life to streamers and content creators' brands and assets. That said, I also create a wide range of motion graphics for mainstream brands & businesses.
I have always been an avid video gamer. Computers, soon after, naturally lead me to start playing around with software like Photoshop & Vegas Pro.
A few years ago, I edited my first video, and it wasn't long before I started experimenting, taking on clients, building my skillset & relationships, and foreseeably digging myself a spot in the freelance industry.
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